Silt and Spacelines from the Far Out review: The solace of small games


From global chip shortages to the war in Ukraine, major games studios have to delay their big releases. Luckily, eager players can find solace in smaller games like Silt or Spacelines from the Far Out, says Jacob Aron


22 June 2022

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Dive into the beautiful, if creepy, underwater world of Silt

Spiral Circus


Spiral Circus

PC, PlayStation 4/5, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch

AS I have written here before, the covid-19 pandemic and global chip shortage have caused havoc for the video game industry.

Whether due to the difficulty of collaborating from home, or an inability to produce consoles for eager players, major titles face repeated delays. Even the Russian invasion of Ukraine has contributed, forcing Ukrainian developer GSC Game World to …

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